Coronavirus Update

The latest updates will be published on this page and apply to all schools within Embrace Multi Academy Trust

In accordance with government guidance, all Embrace schools have expanded provision from 1 June 2020 (primary schools) and 15 June 2020 (secondary school)

The different arrangements at each school have been approved at trust level as part of a robust risk assessment process to keep all members of our school communities as safe as possible.  These arrangements have been communicated to parents/carers and members of staff by the individual schools. 

Leicestershire and Rutland Sport have launched their ‘Healthy at Home’ offer to help to support people to get and stay active, provided they are well enough, during this period.  Click the ‘Healthy at Home’ button below for a full range of support, including tips on how to manage working at home and living room workouts for families, adults and older people. 

A wide range of free online training courses are available via The Skills Network for Embrace parents/carers and members of staff.  

Unfortunately, due to coronavirus, their funding stream partners understandably have other priorities at present.

 You are still welcome to apply for a course, but it may take longer than usual to process your application. 

The Skills Network will contact you once funding has become available again with details of when your course will commence.  

For course information and registration, please click below