Brockington College

Headteacher: Sadie Batstone

Blaby Road, Enderby, Leicester, LE19 4AQ | 0116 2863722

Established in 1957, Brockington College is proud to be a successful, Church of England 11-16 provider. Our intention is to cultivate the intellectual, creative, social, physical, moral and spiritual development of all our pupils. We believe that each child has a God-given, unique identity and together, each member of our school community plays a crucial role in realising our vision of ‘Learning to Live Life to the Full’.

With the shared involvement of every individual at our college, we seek to be a caring, outward-looking, Christian community in which every member:

  • enjoys a creative, broad and dynamic educational experience of the highest standard
  • flourishes, both academically and in their own individual identity
  • cares for each other and is nurtured in our corporate sense of Christian identity
  • discovers and develops their skills and talents
  • is encouraged in their own creativity and develops an appreciation of the creativity of others
  • is supported, challenged and equipped for their future
  • develops positive, responsible attitudes towards family life, the college, the community, society, and the environment, based upon our Christian values
  • values and sensitively respects the lifestyles and beliefs of all others
  • is supported to build their self-confidence and self-esteem.

By reflecting upon all that we do in light of the Christian faith and our values, we are able to develop a greater understanding of our place in world. Looking beyond ourselves and developing a sense of community (koinonia) ultimately drives us to care for others and our planet. This fundamental belief forms the basis of our decision to join Embrace Multi Academy Trust as we are stronger together.