School Improvement Team

Ensuring that all Embrace schools are effective and provide a good quality of education across all subjects and the curriculum is at the heart of all that we do.

All Embrace schools are supported as part of their school improvement priorities:

  • Primary schools are supported through the work and visits undertaken each term by the primary academy improvement leaders (PAILs).  External consultants may be brokered as appropriate to support with aspects of development as needed.
  • Secondary schools are supported through improvement visits and monitoring as appropriate by external consultants, to provide support as part of each school’s identified areas of focus.
  • Networks are established to support the sharing of good practice and training for key leaders and teaching groups.  These include SEND, deputy head teachers, early years, English and mathematics, with the development of other subject areas as the trust grows.
  • Peer reviews are used to support and develop identified improvements.
  • Regular monitoring and evaluation visits to help provide the trust leader with a focused overview of progress against priorities, which are reported to the board of trustees at least three times a year.
  • The trust leader, in conjunction with the head teachers and executive team, uses a red, amber green (RAG) system to monitor and report progress and level of need, highlighting next steps for school improvement, across all teams.
  • Schools that require more extensive support will have a focus meeting to determine a suitable improvement action plan.
  • Schools that wish to join the trust will receive an initial whole-school review.

Lyndsey Beckett

Primary Academy Improvement Lead (Curriculum)

Felicity Clarke

Primary Academy Improvement Lead (Assessment)

Edy O’Connor

Maths Network Lead

Ellen Thompson

Primary SENDCo Network Lead

Nicky Ashby

SENCo Support / EYFS Network Lead

Kellie Kirby

Deputy Head Teacher Network Lead

Jaime Webster

Early Careers Teacher Mentor

Sadie Batstone